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New NEWS...I updated the News, Events and Pics pages on 2/17/2009!

** Jeff is back in Baltimore and working on a new band with a guy he can trust, his good friend Mark (formerly of Table Top Poets, Jeznic and Hudson & Prout...among others)...updates soon.

Jeff spent two plus years up in Rochester, NY area and started a sought after cover band playing music that has influenced him. He had great success playing in most of the big live music venues throughout Rochester city and beach areas on Lake Ontario. See the News page for updates and pics. More pics and videos to be added soon. Here's one video of Jeff covering Rancid's - Journey to the End of East Bay...a little rough, but a great night!

Jeff's band covering Rancid in Rochester, NY in Nov 2007

As always, this doesn't mean that FH is gone...we are always up for a gig if the opportunity presents itself. As a matter of fact, FH was recently offered a gig at a benefit show in one of our old stomping grounds, Naptown (Annapolis, MD). However, due to the band having spread itself across the cournty, FH will be unable to perform. With that said, If a gig is presented to us in the future that allows ample rehearsal time and allows Jeff and Dan to coordinate their schedules, FH will be happy to perform a one-off.

Also, Flexible Head is on MySpace...HOWEVER...we got the memo...MySpace is totally gay, completely fake and the furthest thing in this world from Punk...and we won't be doing too much to keep the FH profile on MySpace updated. Sorry, suckas.

If you got here by accident, Flexible Head is an all-original punk band based out of Frederick Maryland, serving Baltimore, DC, and any other city that will have us. We're called a punk band cause it's too complicated to say "a punk/pop-punk partly metal-like alternative/modern rock band with punk, metal and alt-pop influences". See the bio page for more.