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Bio - About Flexible Head

The Flexible Head story:

Flexible Head started in late 2000/early 2001 when Dan, after several years of not playing at all, suddenly started writing songs. Stricken with a new vision, he asked Arney to play drums on his new "punk project". After writing more songs and eating many chocolate chip cookies, they finally heard from Jeff who answered an internet ad for a singer. Jeff brought a lot to the table with management and promo experience (and the OCD is fun to watch). No one could believe how the songs actually sounded with vocals. Jeff shared some of the songwriting with Dan and the unique Flexible Head sound began to take shape.

After Arney retired to spend time with family and church, Andy emerged from the rubble to play drums and might be the most talented musician in the band.

After a never ending quest for a bass player, all the trips to the church, witch doctors and calls to Ms. Cleo finally paid off and Larry emerged from the swamps of New Orleans in the fall of '02. Then came Ryan. Ryan didn't say much, just played Bass...and we're bound by law to not discuss where he is now. But...then came Kerry, the bass player custom made for Flexible Head (not really, but there are some scary coincidences). His additions to songwriting and band promo being more than welcome. Don't even start the "old school vs. new school" punk debate with him, you'll lose.

Flexible Head continues to book shows throughout the area while writing new material and perfecting the sound. The guys secure studio time at Omega and Cue to record and love nothing more than writing, recording and performing their music.

Flexible Head combines Dan's aggressive yet favorable guitar, Andy's thundering and infectiously tribal drums and Jeff's "I think I'm the punk Diamond Dave" vocal stylings backed by Kerry's true love of punk bass. Flexible Head's songs are high energy, fun to listen to, and much more than simple punk songs. Listening to Flexible Head, you'll hear a high calorie blend of three decades of punk, metal, and alt-pop influences.

So far, no ones been able to say "hey you guy sound just like...". You just have to listen and decide for yourself.

If you like Bouncing Souls, The Loved Ones, The Methadones, MxPx, Pennywise, Millencolin, Rancid, Left Alone, Allister and The Offspring, you'll probably like Flexible Head.

What people are saying about Flexible Head:

Mike Reno from Loverboy: "...everybody's working for the weekend..."

Anonymous punk girl: "You guys rock, the lead singer, Jeff is pretty hot. he's old though right? 'Cuz I'm 14"

Dan's boss: "Oh my god you did that on purpose?"

Jeff's neighbor: "Can you spare a dollah?"

Dan's neighbor: "It's too freakin loud"

Dick Cheney: "Who the hell is Flexible Head?"

Monica Lewinsky: "I love Flexible Head, especially at work"